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Anyone looking for a lawyer in British Columbia can now use LAWNET BC to make a request within minutes for a suitable lawyer to contact them within 48 business hours for a complimentary consultation.

LAWNET BC is a division of a licensed BC law corporation and the referral process is subject to the rules and regulations of the Law Society of British Columbia.

All members of the network are accredited lawyers in British Columbia and hold a valid license to practice that is easily verifiable online through the Legal Society of BC.

Member lawyers are independent and have at least five years of experience in the relevant area of law as a preferred area of practice.

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Practicing BC lawyers can also utilize LAWNET BC to refer clients outside the scope of their practice areas or to deal with a conflict of interest in their own field of expertise.

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Areas of Law

You can request a BC lawyer in any of the following areas of law. If you are unsure whether your claim (or your client’s claim, if  you are a lawyer) falls under any of the above call us to discuss or submit it anyway and we’ll try to place it with the right lawyer.

Real Estate

Residential and commercial sales, purchases and mortgages. Commercial and residential contract claims and disputes.

Family Law

Divorce, separation, custody, property distribution.

Family Law Agreements

Marriage, separation, custody.


Representation agreements, powers of attorney.

Estate Litigation

Contesting wills, beneficiary claims, disinheritance.

Estate probate/Administration

Civil Claims

Breach of Contract, Torts, Slander, Breach of Warranty.

Incorporations, partnerships, limited partnerships

Shareholder Agreements, Non-disclosure agreements, Non-competition etc.

Class actions

Insolvency and debt collection

Foreclosures, Unsecured debt recovery.


Personal and Business.

Business purchases and sales

Construction Law

Builders liens, construction/engineering disputes, building envelope suits.

Commercial Disputes

Corporate, Shareholder, Third party.

Personal Injury

Motor vehicle.

Employment Law

Wrongful dismissal.

Coming Soon..

We are seeking lawyers in the following areas of law. Lawyers with 5+ years practice are invited to join the network.

Intellectual Property

Patents, Trademarks, Industrial designs, Licensing agreements.

Securities regulation and litigation

Patents, Trademarks, Industrial designs, Licensing agreements.

Strata Law

Advising strata councils, drafting by-laws, by-law enforcement, collections.

Trusts and estate planning

Environmental Law

Residential or commercial regulation and disputes.

Criminal Defence

Media, privacy law, defamation

Medical malpractice

Administrative law

Representation at all levels of administrative tribunals or boards.

Maritime Law

Law of the sea, ship/boat purchases and financing.

Aviation Law

Plane crashes, passenger claims.


Individual and corporate, CRA disputes, GST/Excise etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a BC lawyer. My client has an issue in a legal area I don't specialise in. Can I use LAWNET BC to help them?

Yes, call us or submit a request with your client’s contact details and we will put them in touch with the most suitable legal professional within 48 business hours.

I'm a BC lawyer with over five years practice in a preferred area. Can I join LAWNET BC? What are the benefits?

We are always looking for legal experts to join out network. Call us on 604-694-2214 to talk about joining.

How many lawyers are currently members of LAWNET BC?

LAWNET BC collaborates with lawyers in all the areas mentioned under ‘Areas of Law’ and are actively looking for new members in more areas.

What does this service cost?

The initial consultation is 100% free for charge.

My legal issue is sensitive. Do you guarantee confidentiality?

You request is completely confidential with us. To submit a request we only require your contact details for the lawyer to reach you. 

Briefly describe the issue so we can place it with the most suitable lawyer without going into detail. As any online service can be prone to vulnerabilities, we advise to share the more sensitive details of your case with your lawyer directly.

A suitable lawyer will call you within 48 business hours to discuss the matter and you can chose to proceed or not with the lawyer directly.