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LAWNET BC is a digital, decentralized network of experienced BC lawyers ready to work for you on short notice, accessible from your computer or mobile device anytime. Just complete the form below to receive a complimentary, no obligation consult with top drawer legal counsel.

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Practicing BC lawyers can also utilize LAWNET BC to refer clients outside the scope of their practice areas or to deal with a conflict of interest in their own field of expertise.  If you have a minimum of five years of practice in a particular practice area consider joining our growing roster of lawyers.  Complete the form below and request further information.

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Submit a referral in minutes by filling in the form below.  Within two business days, experienced counsel in the relevant area of law will contact you with a view to assisting you with your legal issue.

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LAWNET BC refers to lawyers in every legal area, including but not limited to Business and Commercial, Wills & Estates including Estate Litigation, Defamation, Privacy & Media Law, Environmental Regulations & Disputes, Health, Insurance, Employment law, Securities Regulation & Litigation, Workplace Law, Family Law and Critical Injury.

Rigorous Quality Control

Member lawyers are independent and have at least five years of experience in the relevant area of law as a preferred area of practice. Every lawyer has acted for clients with legal issues similar to yours many times before. You will be impressed with LAWNET BC’s lawyers’ honesty, integrity and competence.

Licensed to practice in BC

LAWNET BC is a division of a licensed BC law corporation and therefore the referral process is subject to the rules and regulations of the Law Society of British Columbia. All members of the network are accredited lawyers in British Columbia and hold a valid license to practice that it easily verifiable online through the Legal Society of BC.

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